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The Last: Danger Vinyl LP


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Danger, the seventh full-length album, by The Last preserves the legendary Los Angeles punk outfit's patented sound while adding a kinetic spark. This is everything that fans have been waiting seventeen years for and so much more. For Danger The Last have added members Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Black Flag, FLAG, Only Crime) and Karl Alvarez (Descendents, ALL).

Everyone from The Bangles to Circle Jerks counts The Last amongst its influences. They pioneered a distinctly catchy yet raw and powerful sound that's permeated every facet of rock and roll. With a seminal catalog on labels like SST and Bomp! Records, with releases L.A. Explosion! [1979], Look Again [1980], Painting Smiles on a Dead Man [1985], Confession [1988], Awakening [1989], and Gin & Innuendoes [1996], they're continuing to build their formidable legacy now with End Sounds.

The album includes artwork by the artists Raymond Pettibon and Craig Ibarra and extensive liner notes on the history of The Last and L.A. punk.

Track Listing:

I know
Red Hair
Unreal Love
I Don't Know What To Say
I'm Not Crazy
Go Away Sunday
Look Again
When That I Am Dead
Take Care Of Her
She Knows Just What To Do
Anybody Else
Faces In Your Eyes